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 cash for gold

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PostSubject: cash for gold   Fri Jul 29, 2011 10:47 pm

Gold sellers are making a steal with used and unwanted gold. Gold is worth more than ever before, and cash for gold Beverly Hills buyers are paying premium prices for 10k, 14k, 18k, 22k and 24k gold pieces of jewelry, watches and coins. Cash for gold Beverly Hills sellers with an entrepreneurial spirit have taken the rising cost of gold to a whole new level of profitability, by entertaining gold selling parties in their own home. This new trend in hosting for cash is improving the cash for gold Beverly Hills market. The hosts get assistance throwing a fabulous party, their guests get cash for used gold jewelry, and the cash for gold Beverly Hills companies have a new way to establish partnerships with southern Californian clients. It's truly a win-win arrangement for everyone involved, and it's easy to get started

Parties for Cash: How to Make Money from Cash for Gold Beverly Hills Jewelry Sales Program

A "Gold Party" is a way to socialize, catch up, and make new friends with a unique twist; you make a lot of money in the process. By inviting friends, family and colleagues to a gold party, and telling them to bring along their unwanted gold jewelry, the stage is set for a fabulous evening of food, fun and earning top dollar off their used gold. The way it works is simple:

1. Fill out the Gold Party form on diamondandgoldexchangeusa. They will get back to you quickly.

2. The cash for gold Beverly Hills buying specialists will provide the money to purchase the gold, 24 hour support and tips to help you succeed, and $50 toward food and beverages.

3. You invite your friends, and provide a great atmosphere for a social gathering. It's that easy!

The cash for gold Beverly Hills buyers, the Diamond and Gold Exchange sees their Gold Party hosts easily making anywhere from $300 to $1000 in two to three hours. Every sale earns the host 10% and furthermore, every guest who goes on to host their own cash for gold Beverly Hills Gold Party, will earn the original host 3% on their earnings.

This is a very impressive system. Parties for money in the past relied on selling goods and services to friends and family. A Gold Party completely flips the concept on its head by earning loved ones money. Cash for gold Beverly Hills residents have really embraced Gold Parties because so many people have used and unwanted gold jewelry and they have no idea what to do with it. The Gold Party is the perfect reason to get together and celebrate, and having both guests and hosts leaving with more money than they arrived with.

Diamond and Gold Exchange are cash for gold Beverly Hills specialists. With over forty years experience, they pride their business on being able to offer top dollar to their customers for used gold, diamond, antique and designer jewelry. Visit them online to get a Gold Party business started today, diamondandgoldexchangeusa.
Selling old and unwanted jewelry is a great way to make extra money by doing nothing more than finding a good buyer. People have been selling unwanted items: online, at garage sales, popular classified sections in the newspaper, and on the Internet. However, if there is jewelry being sold, then there are advantages to taking gold to reputable cash for gold LA buyers.

Advantages to Selling Jewelry to Cash for Gold LA Buyers

1. Better Offers

The best way to earn top dollar for old and unwanted jewelry as cash for gold LA sellers, is to have an assessment performed by an experienced local buyer. Right now gold is being purchased for a significantly higher rate than a decade ago, and it's making the perfect seller's market. Cash for gold LA companies will be eager to offer a great price to avoid losing the sale to a secondhand buyer, or competing cash for gold LA merchants.
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2. Building Trusting Relationships

The jewelry may be unwanted but nobody wants to give their jewelry away. By having an in-person assessment, performed at a location that has been buying gold for years, the cash for gold LA customer can be guaranteed a fair and honest assessment of their jewelry's worth. It's important to establish a good relationship with cash for gold LA companies. Not only will it make selling gold in the future more comfortable but the merchant will learn to know your expectations, and will be more likely to work harder to retain business.

3. Incentives to cash for gold LA sellers

There is the cash for gold LA Company called, the Diamond and Jewelry Exchange that have a really great incentives program for customers. A gold buying party is an easy way to socialize while earning hundreds of dollars in a few hours. The idea is simple; the host provides the house, and the cash for gold LA Company brings the evaluator. The host gathers friends with unwanted jewelry, and makes a commission off of every piece sold to the cash for gold LA buyers. Even more, if any guests host their own parties in the future, the original host earns more commissions off of their friend's parties. It's an innovative twist on an old favorite hosting party.

Where to Find the Best Cash for gold LA Buyer?

With over forty years of experience in cash for gold buying in LA, Diamond and Gold Exchange operate two locations in Los Angeles, and Santa Monica California. They buy unwanted jewelry ranging from: Diamonds, gold, watches, coins, class rings and more. They have an excellent standing with the Better Business Bureau, and are known for solid sales ethics. Customers love using these cash for gold LA buyers because they always strive to impress their customers with fantastic prices on their jewelry, and helpful, friendly customer service. If you reside in California, visit the premier jewelry buyer, Diamond and Gold Exchange, or check them out online, Diamondandgoldexchangeusa.
Owning gold in today's economy is a valuable asset. The price of gold has skyrocketed in recent years. Five years ago, selling unwanted gold jewelry didn't yield much return, and fortunately many people held onto their investment. Los Angeles cash for gold companies are reputed to be top buyers of gold, paying up to 80% of jewelry's original worth. Cash for gold Los Angeles Company, Diamond and Gold Exchange have been in the jewelry buying business for over forty years. They are known for paying the fairest amount for their client's gold jewelry.

Unlike the advertisements on TV, offering mail in jewelry buying, cash for gold Los Angeles Company, Diamond and Gold Exchange USA want their customers leaving their locations glad for choosing them as their source for selling jewelry.

cash for gold

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cash for gold
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