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 Hi, from a gamer girl...

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PostSubject: Hi, from a gamer girl...   Fri Jun 24, 2011 10:40 pm

...with a life outside of her games, still... sometimes.

How are you?

Not quite sure why I landed here tonight. Not just looking for game partners, in fact not at all at the moment. Rather looking for ppl to talk to, with shared interests. I love Guitar Hero and rock music in general, not much of an advanced player in that game though, atm I have a hard time tackling the "Medium" level... which is probably very very little to most of you...

I used to play for real in a KISS tribute band in my early twenties - I'm in my thirties now. I was playing bass dressed and made up as Gene Simmons (yup, lol), touring bars with a bunch of guys wanting to be KISS too. We had home-made costumes. KISS had signed us something to make us a valid band. We were ok, and it was fun for the time it lasted.

I create videogame content as a hobby... sometimes more than a hobby... I share my stuff, and people's love of my little pixel-art is close to being an addiction. tongue

So that's me. Talk to you soon!
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Hi, from a gamer girl...
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