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 Ibanez RGA 7 BK

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PostSubject: Ibanez RGA 7 BK   Thu Jul 22, 2010 8:27 am

Today I bought myself a new Ibz RGA 7 BK.

Well it's quite nice. It's intended to be my backup gigging guitar, in case my other trem 7 loses a string (what never happens, but oh well.)

I do have some concerns about it. First, the sound lacks quite a bit of presence, whilst my other 7 is a lot more defined. It's easy to solve by turning some EQ knobs on my amp...but I won't make any friends with the sound guys at a gig when I do that.

Im bringing it to a renowned guitar tech next week (the guy does Vai's guitars when he's in our country). Let him do some work on it, like switching the nut, putting in some new wiring and pots and perhaps switch the tuners to something more dependable. Do you think rewiring it will clear up it's sound a bit? Right now its a soldering mess (them indonesian techs...).

Also, it has an EQ boost, which imo totally does no good to the already cloudy sound. Thinking of switching that out for a tone knob instead. Tho I have to see if those pups will allow it with their 2XAA battery setup.

Anyone else have any experiences with this guitar? And also with swapping the pups? Will it sound clearer?
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Ibanez RGA 7 BK
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