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PostSubject: Lockerz   Sun Sep 27, 2009 11:47 am

Hey everyone, I'm here to tell you about an invite-only beta website called Lockerz. Note that this is NOT spam, fake, or another one of those websites that require you to refer hundreds of friends before you get an Xbox 360 Elite System sent to your house. No, instead it works on a point system, or "PTZ" This is how it works:

Login everyday to earn 2 PTZ
Refer a friend to earn 2 PTZ
Answer the daily question of the day to earn 2 PTZ
Watch videos to earn PTZ
Play games to earn PTZ

How many PTZ can I earn?

You can earn as many PTZ as you can get. Though, at the moment, you can earn 4 PTZ everyday just by logging in and answering a question. (an additional 2 for referring a friend and getting them to sign up) Getting 20 friends to sign-up will get you on the Z-List which will get you a free t-shirt and double your PTZ (4 for answering the daily question and 4 for referring a friend instead of 2)

Why is Lockerz different from other websites?

Lockerz is invite-only which means you must be sent an invitation to join. Just PM me your e-mail address and I'll gladly send you an invite to join. (There's even a game you can play when you join where you can earn 30 PTZ, though it is one time only)

What does Lockerz have to offer?

Meet new friends, play games, watch new videos and most importantly, get free stuff!

What can I buy with PTZ?

Alot! You can get anything from a simple 40 PTZ 2GB flashdrive to a 600 PTZ iPod Touch to a 3000 PTZ Samsung 40" 1080p HDTV it's all about saving PTZ. Note* ALL PS3 & 360 games are only 100 PTZ!

How do I know this is real?

Well simple, trust. Actually, my friend had 103 PTZ and his girlfriend saw a skin for her iPod Touch that she wanted. He ordered it for 35 PTZ and got in within the next week! (Shipments are 7-10 business days) I'll also try to post some pics soon. I joined about 2 weeks ago and I have 132 PTZ

Remember that Lockerz is beta but will launch October 15th with a huge update including new items in stock and even more ways to earn PTZ! So what are you waiting for, join!
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